Every case of personal harm is distinct. As a result, anticipating how long your injury lawsuit will take to resolve is impossible.

What if you’re involved in a personal injury case and don’t want to wait months, if not years, for it to be resolved? You might wonder if settling your case swiftly, even if it means accepting less money, is possible. Yes, but that does not mean it is a good strategy.

  • Tort trials took an average of 25.6 months from the time the lawsuit was filed to conclude.
  • Product liability lawsuits were the longest (35.1 months on average) among tort cases, trailed by medical malpractice (averaging 33.2 months).
  • The majority of tort cases are settled before going to trial (only about 3 percent are disposed of o or bench trial verdict).

A personal injury lawsuit can be settled quickly, but that usually means accepting a lower settlement amount. The most crucial thing to think about is how much you’ll have to sacrifice. Let’s take a look at why the settlement is taking longer than usual and why you should probably reconsider accepting a speedy settlement. You can consult and request additional information by calling our available helplines. Come see us right now. 

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